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Sash Jammers: Sash Jammers, are a very basic, but effective, security measure that can cost as little as £2. Sash Jammers can be used on both doors and windows and essentially stop the aperture from opening up. They can be fitted to both wooden and UPVC frames and can come with a lockable dead lock feature. This can be a cheap effective measure for stopping an unwelcome visitor, however, this only works if you are in the house to put the jammers in place.

Dead bolt: There are many different types of dead bolts on the market, ranging from a combination-lock style dead bolt through to a steel bolt within a traditional locking system like a Mortice lock. Dead locks come in a range of materials to suit most decors and also come in a range of prices usually around £5-£20.

Automatic light timers: Having a light on in the home can deter unwelcome visitors whilst you are away or at work, as most burglars are opportunistic and would prefer an empty house. There are many different timers on the market, ranging from a simplistic dial and pin-style, where you turn the dial to the time you want £3-£10, to a 7 day digitally planned system costing around £20. There are also attachments for ceiling roses.

Outdoor security lights: Automatic Outdoor lights can be wall mounted and are often used with motion sensors set to come on when people pass the house or to the door. This serves two main functions, the first is so that the owner can clearly see what they are doing when they approach their house. The other is so to make the owner aware that someone is approaching the house. Light can obviously enhance the ability to identify any potential perpetrator.

Fake burglar alarms: Fake burglar alarms, are easily available from most hardware stores or online, costing £8-£25. A fake alarm bell-box creates the illusion of a good security system as a preventative measure.

Fake TV lights: An ingenious invention, this light box simulates the realistic light effect of a television screen including; flickering, on screen motion and colour changing. The idea is to deter intruders by making it look as though there is someone at home watching television. There are timer settings on the devise allowing you to use it in a similar way to automatic light timers.

Real Burglar Alarm: A burglar alarm are designed to keep entry the points of a building secure, such as doors and windows. It works by using a series of interior and exterior motion detectors, and can also include as well as door and window sensors. All the sensors are then regulated via a primary control panel.

Motion sensor: Motion sensors do exactly what they say, detect motion. There are two main kinds of motion sensor on the market at the moment, active sensors and passive sensors. Active Sensors; send ultrasonic waves into the room that pick up motion by the waves bouncing off of a solid moving objects. Passive sensors or Passive infrared sensors are able to detect a change in the energy signature in a room, based on a pre-determined base line. The passive devices are mainly used in more commercial properties whilst the active sensors are more popular in a domestic environment.

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