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Have you been broken into? Do you need to step up your lock security? Do you need a locksmith that can be with you within 30-90 minutes? Then you need Lock ‘n’ Roll Locksmiths, locks is what we do. We offer a premium locksmiths service at a reasonable price.

Our Friendly, Local Locksmiths specialise in: Lock Replacement, Gaining Entry, Window Locks, Mortice&Euro Locks ,Lever Locks, Patio Door Locks, Door Handles, Security Bolts, Cabinet Locks, Garage Door Locks.

Lock ‘n’ Roll Locksmiths can be there for you in a locksmiths emergency

At Lock ‘n’ Roll Locksmiths, we understand that you need a locksmith you can trust, that’s reliable, efficient and can get the job done fast. You do not want your work to cost the earth, your just want to get the job done. Lock ‘n’ Roll Locksmiths are there for you 24 hours* a day, 7 days* a week, 365 days* a year.

Locksmiths in the Birmingham Community

Does your UPVC door or window need the lock replaced? Is the handle of your double glazed door floppy? Then one of Lock ‘n’ Roll Locksmiths mobile engineers can fix that for you. Lock ‘n’ Roll Locksmiths, serve their community with mobile locksmiths ready to race to assist you, day and night.

At Lock ‘n’ Roll Locksmiths, our friendly advisers are trained to recognise that a floppy double glazed door handle could mean that you need a whole new mechanism. So our helpful adviser will quote you an approximate price over the phone, for a new lock, a new barrel as well as to replace the mechanism. That way there will be no scary surprises

Always There for Locksmith Management in Birmingham

At Lock ‘n’ Roll Locksmiths, we use locally based Locksmiths in and around the Birmingham area. We equip them with the best quality, British Standards, insurance approved locks. They also stock all the necessary tools to gain access to your property in a non-destructive way, which I am pleased to say can be managed with the majority of locks.

Ways to secure your Home

There are many things we can do to improve the security of your house, the cheapest, easiest and most obvious are the common sense ones like:

Always lock your doors and windows before leaving the house: It might sound obvious but it’s surprising how many of us do not do this. A couple of extra seconds for peace of mind.

Keys left in the lock: again, it sounds obvious but 20% of householders in the UK, leave their keys in their locks on a regular basis. It makes it very easy for opportunistic thieves to steal your possessions. It is worth remembering that you may not be insured if you are burgled because of this. Also it is worth mentioning that leaving the key in the inside keyhole can make it 10 times easier for a potential burglar to gain entry to your property.

Broadcasting absence from home: Broadcasting holidays in public places (even if you think you are having a private conversation) is never a good idea; you never know who might be listening. Another thing to watch out for is being tagged or advertising your whereabouts on social media, through friends this reaches a vast amount of people at one time.

Holidays: If you do go away, then there are ways of fooling those that might take advantage like:

Have a neighbour with more than one car park on your driveway: this gives the impression of someone staying at your house.

Have a friend round: You could ask a friend or family member to water the plants/pick up the post or even stay anything to give the impression of regular movement at your address.

Don’t leave valuables on show: Again, it might seem an obvious thing to do, but make sure that your valuables on not on show by windows, especially if they are open. When leaving the house, always make sure internal doors are shut, so any potential burglar isn’t tempted by what he sees.

Installing security devices: There are many security devices on the market, from a basic, dead bolt added to your front door costing a few pounds, to complete alarm systems costing between £600 and £1000.


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